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A group of individuals affected by dicisions handed down by our Domestic/Family Courts that are contrary to law and common sense and those who support us.

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This group was formed with the intent to foster public attention and debate about our country's Family and Domestic Courts and the inconsistent and wrong interpretations of laws; policies and procedures they are tasked with enforcing and following. To point out the unlimited power that the Judges and Prosecutors have and how they have abused that power to violate the due process and other rights of the people and children that are subjected to their decisions. To make them accountable and responsible for these actions and remove them from having the ability to abuse these positions of trust and authority granted to them by the citizens they are elected or appointed to serve by bringing them to the 'light of day'.

It is our intent to reform the way these courts operate through the lawful , nonviolent process of changing the laws and legal system to bring about a more responsible; accountable, transparent and economical system through the establishment of an oversight and appeals process and demanding our politicians exercise their responsibilies to their constituents by writing and enacting laws consistent with the application of JUSTICE and doing the right thing instead of a process of 'serving the system'.